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Ancient as the earth itself; made from the very same gas and liquid that solidified to form the earth, natural stone brings grace to many architectural wonders from the dawn of civilization to the present day.

A wonder in itself, natural stone traces its origins to heavy minerals pushed deep to the core by the earth's crust when gas and liquid cooled to form a solid core. When the crust grew thicker, bearing pressure upon the inner core, generated heat from mineral vapors crystallized into solid forms. As the earth's crust began to grow and erode, it pushed minerals up from its core, forming massive rock deposits –the quarries we use today to mine natural stone like granite and marble. The entire journey took no less than 100 million years!

Natural Stones are more adaptive. Available in a large variety of colors and patterns, natural stone is practical and adds to the aesthetic value of every part of a home - from the roof, walls, flooring, furniture, even the garden and exterior walls. It transforms a four-walled house or apartment into a comfortable home, into warm colors, or a fusion of vibrant ones, infusing warmth and creating a relaxing atmosphere - creating a haven far from the strains and stresses of the modern day world.


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Supply and Installation

We provide a complete range of products from selected stones cut to specifications to intricate waterjet patterns, external claddings, worktops, furniture's, mosaics, tubled stones and cobble stones.

We specialize in floor and wall designs, carved capitals, columns & bases and custom made staircases, balustrades, featured panels for walls and floors, counter & vanity tops, carved parapets, fluted columns, exquisite fireplaces and furniture.

It is widely recognized that the careful use of natural stone leads to improved rental yields and sales values. All the same, we find natural stone being specified to floors and walls, including limestone.

The continued improvement in under floor heating, health worries associated with carpet and the durability of natural stone has broadened the traditional areas of use such as bathrooms, kitchens and hallways.

Some of the applications where natural stones like granite, marble, slate, sandstone can be used are:

1) Multi-storied buildings, offices which have to be both prestigious and functional.
2) Granite, Limestone, sandstone and travertine can be used extensively for interior and exterior cladding which have to resist variations in weather conditions and ambient temperatures.
3) Introduction of tumbled stones, textured finish and natural finish floorings in swimming pool surrounds, exterior pavings and landscaping projects.
4) Flooring in departmental stores which need to resist constant wear from heavy traffic and also be aesthetically pleasing.

Water Jet Patterns

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